Valor Tattoo Parlor

Valor Tatto Parlor

     Since June 2010 Valor Tattoo Parlor has been focused on providing our Reno customers with the highest quality tattoo work, in a clean, friendly, and professional environment. Whether you are in search of a stunning original tattoo that you will be proud of for life, or a coverup tattoo to help "erase" a bad memory Valor tattoo shop is here for you.

     At Valor we take pride in our work and we take pride on making your Tattoo experience the best it can be. No matter what ideas or style you may have in mind for your tattoo our artists are sure to accommodate you. Please browse through their tattoo photo galleries, and read their profiles, or better yet, stop by the shop and meet our crew and see for yourself that quality is our first priority. Thanks for visiting our site and please feel free contact us or stop by our tattoo shop and get aquainted.


     One of the reasons we started a new tattoo shop in Reno, a town which clearly has its share of tattoing options, was to provide a totally different environment - a calm, relaxing place. We know the idea of getting a tattoo can be a scary prospect and our goal is to lower the fear factor. Come into the shop and look through our portfolios or in tattoo magazines/books.  You should get the tattoo you want and have the time you need to pick your own special design, and you're welcome to do that at Valor Parlor. Everything we do is one-of-a-kind so it's part of the process to give you whatever assistance you need in deciding on your perfect piece.